The Waterfield Kitchen Restaurant Patio

When a popular restaurant was in need of expanded capacity, they knew the right people to call.   C. E. Cyr Construction was the general contractor of choice as we had completed the beautiful interior renovations a few years prior.   This time around, we worked closely with the architectural and landscape design teams to place beautiful polished granite stones and surround the area with fresh concrete.

Gregg House Preschool

When you have a structural issue and a coordinated removal is required, C. E. Cyr Construction is the contractor to call.    Our work for Gregg House included preliminary safety measures, crane service, aerial lifts and skilled labor to remove the deteriorated steeple.   Next we installed structural framing and closed in the work area with new roofing for a seamless look, creating a safe situation for the preschoolers and day care staff.


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The Waterfield Kitchen Restaurant

The Waterfield Kitchen (TWK) Winchester, MA

A complete restaurant renovation for the Serenitee Group with all of the major construction divisions being coordinated and managed by Cyr. The original space had been converted from retail to a restaurant but did not fit the bold vision of the ownership and design team. All the finishes, mechanical systems and structural requirements were removed and restored for this state-of-the-art fine dining facility.


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Project “Blue Sky”

Complete foundation and geotechnical support of the Gortons Seafood Center and 4th Floor addition. Marine Seawall Improvements and installation of 4 story elevator and hoistway. Construction of new 17,000 s.f. production building as well as complete interior restoration of all 4 floors.

Phillips Academy Phase I Steam Improvements

C. E. Cyr Construction is experienced in all civil works related to academy steam system upgrades including excavation and utility relocation, cast-in-place concrete, masonry restoration, waterproofing and general coordination and support of MEP trades.

Cubesmart Elevator

Construction of new 6-story elevator addition with machine room. Project involved a complex foundation system due to challenging subgrade conditions. Coordination with the existing tenants and operations were carefully considered during construction scheduling. New masonry was constructed with heavy reinforcement and to compensate for the existing building being out of plumb condition. New timber roof systems were constructed at the top of the elevator penthouse and machine room to complete the weather-tight shell. Cyr also coordinated electrical, HVAC, and elevator installation work as the General Contractor.

Cubesmart Sitework

At the same building site, the client requested Cyr provide two groundwater collection drainage systems. Our work entailed excavation, subgrade preparation, installation of all required vessels and piping. Backfilling and compaction were completed per Massachusetts Civil Engineered plan. In addition, 8000 s.f. of reinforced slab and foundation concrete were formed, reinforced and cast-in-place for subsequent metal buildings.


The Wilmington MA Frito Lay Distribution Center required a new cross-traffic shipping / receiving building to accommodate over-the-road tractor trailer traffic. The client required a fast tracked design-build addition to save countless hours of hand unloading of product. Our work included design, selective demolition, concrete foundation and flatwork, structural steel and insulated metal panels.

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